Retinal Detachment

Unfortunately when a vitreous detachment occurs it can cause traction at the vitreous base on the retina.  If the retina tears forming a hole, then the retina can detach.  A retina detachment can lead to permanent visual loss and needs to be surgically repaired.

The symptoms of a vitreous detachment and a retinal detachment can be similar and therefore those symptoms need to be checked out.  The symptoms are seeing bright flashing lights occurring in one eye followed by many heavy new dark floaters.  These symptoms can be from a vitreous detachment or a retinal hole.  If these symptoms are experienced you should be seen within 24 hours.

If a retinal detachment begins to occur you may then experience very blurred vision or a curtain coming over part of your vision.  If these symptoms occur you will need to call the office right away.