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LASIK And Refractive Surgery
When LASIK surgery became available it was quickly apparent that for best results you wanted surgery by a surgeon who was experienced and who had devoted his practice to LASIK surgery.  Since advances in this field are so rapid it was necessary to have equipment that was continually upgraded for the latest innovations and for that equipment to be at a fixed location so it was not driving around in a truck from place to place which affects calibration.  

We knew the top refractive surgeons in Atlanta which is one of the most advanced Refractive Surgery centers in the world.  When refractive surgery was in its infancy they asked us to become affiliated with them, which we did, and we have worked with them for many years.  Typically a patient will be seen in Atlanta, have the evaluation and surgery one day. Spend the night in Atlanta, see their surgeon the next morning and come back home the next day.  Most of the follow up care can be done by our doctors here in Tupelo.