Fees, Insurance and Payment

For the convenience of our patients our doctors participate in a wide variety of health plans with different insurance companies. 
Our office has standard charges for all common procedures, which our staff will be glad to give you on request. Charges can vary if extra procedures are necessary or if the examination can be safely modified or shortened.

Please be prepared to pay for your examination as you leave, unless prior arrangements have been made with our office manager. Payment at the time of service helps reduce the cost of paperwork and postage. Please be sure to discuss any expected financial problem in advance so we can help you find a solution.

Please notify us of your insurance coverage when you check in.

Office Visits
At the end of the office visit when payment is received a receipt will be given. This may be attached to the standard insurance forms so that a patient may receive reimbursement directly from the insurance company, our office staff will be glad to show you how this is done.

Surgery Fees
Surgery fees are submitted directly to the patient’s insurance company. The insurance carrier then makes a direct payment to the doctor. The patient is then billed for the balance not paid by the insurance company. We will assist our patients in filing for their insurance, but collection from the insurance company is the responsibility of the patient.

Assignment is accepted on all Medicare claims. Be sure we are aware of your coverage under Medicare. After completion of your visit, a claim will be sent to Medicare. You will be asked to pay the deductible and co-insurance (20%) at the time of your visit. Deductible and co-insurance payments for surgical procedures are not required until after your Medicare claim has been processed.

Worker’s Compensation / Vocational Rehabilitation
If you are referred by your employer under worker’s compensation or sent by a welfare or vocational rehabilitation agency, we will bill the employer or agency directly.

Preferred Provider Organizations
Dr. Chappell, Dr. Brawner and Dr. Walker participate in several PPO’s, including Health Link and Blue Cross / Blue Shield key physician program.